Hydro Power Plant

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water because of its potential energy in certain areas provides the cheapest, neat and clean resource of energy. electricity produced by water represents hydropower. The development and prosperity of India depend to a large extent on our ability to generate and use hydroelectricity. it is the third most important source of energy after coal and petroleum in our country. Hydroelectricity is a cheap and renewable source which can be transported to long distance and is free from environmental pollution.

India has huge untapped identified potential in the hydro sector. The important hydel power region of India are the foothills of Himalaya in western Utter Pradesh and Himalaya Pradesh; region along western ghats running through Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala; the region along the Satpura, vindhyas, and ranges in central India.

Except for the heavy initial investment, hydro project have a definite edge over the thermal power plants. hydropower projects not only provide cheap generation of electricity but are renewable generation and maintenance cost. there is no problem of pollution of the environment or disposal of waste matter generation of hydropower. In addition, the hydro project can also be used to meet the requirement of irrigation in the downstream areas and can also adequately meet the demands of power. But hydro project cause damage to the environment and fertile land. It also causes the problem of drowning in low lying areas. dams can also alter the natural river flow and affect wildlife.

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