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What Is An Environment Impact Assessment || Need Of EIA || Goal Of EIA

It is a movement intended to recognize and foresee the contribution on the financial and biophysical qualities of the condition that may come about because of a proposition activity . it additionally helps in concentrate the effect on human well-being and prosperity of authoritative proposition arrangements, developers ventures, and operational methodology and to cooperate and convey data about the effect.

It is defined as the formal process used to predict the environmental consequences of any development project.

Need Of EIA
It is a variable decision-making tool which indicates the alternate route of development, project site, process technology, carrying capacity of specific ecosystem & quality of environment before, during & after the proposed development activity.
At is also guideless to design project which enhances the quality of the environment by examing alternatives & justifying measure throughout the entire development of the project.

Goal Of EIA
Resources conservation
Waste minimization
Recovery of by-product
Efficient equipment
Mainly environmental quality

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