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What Is Gray Code ||Properties of Gray Codes

Normally, some structure delivers steady yield data which is required to be changed over to mechanized data. It is changed over by using easy to the modernized converter. On occasion, the gray codes are used to address the mechanized data. The gray codes are generally called unit isolate code or minimum change code in light of the way that each succeeding code changes just by 1 bit from the primary code. The gray code can be addressed by the purchases in G.

Properties of Gray Codes.
 1. It is a unit isolate code. For example, a gray code of 4 and 5 are 0110 and 0111 independently. We can see there is the distinction is only a solitary piece i.e. in LSB, the remaining bits are the same, it is known as slightest change code.

2. It is a non-weighted code in light of the fact that these are not positionally weighted. It suggests each situation of code isn't doled out a settled regard.

3. It isn't a self-supplementing code.

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