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what is object in c++ ||object-oriented programming language

2. Object is the essential runtime substances or fundamental unit of an object situated framework. 
1. Object are dealt with as genuine entities which can be detected keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend it appropriately recognize anything of this world endeavor to separate its different property, the different method of its cooperation on joining every one of these qualities what we have made is an object. 

3. Object are distinguished by their one of a kind name. an object speaks to a specific occasion of a class. There can be in excess of one example of an object. Each occasion of an object can hold its own applicable information. 

4. Object may speak to a man, a place, a financial balance, or anything that the program needs to deal with. 

5. They may likewise speak to client characterized information, for example, vector, time and records 

6. Programming issue is broke down in term of object and the idea of correspondence between them. 

7. Object consume up to a room related address like a structure in c.

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