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Google Maps New Features

Google Maps New Features

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Google Maps has made every one of our lives less demanding yet there is still a lot more to it than what meets the eye. So as to make full utilization of the considerable number of highlights Google Maps brings to the table, you have to know where to look. We will talk about those valuable things in this post.


You don't need to think back to your screen over and over keeping in mind the end goal to know where you are going and where you have to go. Basically, keep your eyes out and about and say "Affirm Google" trailed by any of the accompanying expressions.

"What street is this?"

"What's my next turn?"

"What's my ETA?"

"How's activity ahead?"

"How's an activity to function?"

"Evade tolls"

"Evade interstates"

"Discover corner stores"

"Discover eateries"

"Explore home"

"Take me to McDonald's"

"What's the nearest inn?"

"Leave route"

You never need to touch the telephone or take your eyes off the street.

Stopping Location

On the off chance that you tap the blue speck that speaks to your area on the guide, it will pull up a shrouded menu. You can spare your stopping area with this and set an update for when the stopping time runs out.

Area Sharing

Tapping on the blue speck additionally enables you to impart your area to your contacts. You can set a period to restrain for the area sharing or keep it dynamic until the point that you physically turn it off.

Inquiry Along The Route

Another valuable tip is by swiping up from the route bar amidst the route. It enables you to look for places along the course and you can be educated of stops and service stations en route.

Pursuit Nearby

You can utilize your ebb and flow area to seek what is close to you. You can essentially utilize inquiries like the ones beneath:

"Eateries close here"

"Drug stores close Figueroa and first Street"

"Vegan eateries close me"

"Bookshops close UCLA"

"Service stations close to the air terminal"

"Activities close to the Florida Theater"

Eye-Level Exploration

One of the neatest highlights of Google Maps that individuals once in a while think about. Above all else, select a place on the guide. At that point, tap the picture that shows up on the base left corner of the screen. The last advance is to tap the compass in the upper right corner of the screen. Presently you can turn your telephone around to see around the place. It resembles you are remaining inside the guide to take a gander at the place.

Time Travel

This one just takes a shot at the work area site. Open the site and drag that yellow person at the base of the screen to any point on the guide you need to visit. There you will see a dark clock on the upper left corner of the screen. You can utilize it to slide back the years and appreciate a 360-degree perspective of the place as it was in the earlier years.

Activity Estimations

Open Google Maps in the work area and select the place you need to go to. Set the beginning stage. You will see an alternative at the base saying leave now. Press the bolt beside it and it demonstrates choices of Depart At or Arrives By. You can set the time and it will control you in like manner by considering the move.

Propelled Gestures

You can go into the flyover more by holding two fingers on the guide and sliding them upwards. You will have the capacity to see 3D structures what not. You can likewise spare time by squeezing and holding the bearings catch by avoiding a stage and going straightforwardly to the route menu.

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