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Common Interview Questions For Electrical Engineers

Common Interview Questions For Electrical Engineers

[caption id="attachment_1135" align="alignnone" width="640"]Common Interview Questions For Electrical Engineers Common Interview Questions For Electrical Engineers[/caption]

Electrical engineering jobs square measure profitable, competitive positions for a few of the brightest minds out there. firms that rent electrical engineers square measure hiring for the long run of their company. while not electrical engineers, their merchandise square measure services don't seem to be planning to be completed with success. they're a vital a part of the companies that rent them. technology, like every job in technology, contains heaps of technical queries. Your safest bet to succeed at associate technology interview is to brush abreast of your technical data and review any of the most recent updates within the field. you're planning to be tested on what you'll be able to do, as a result of your job is just too vital to lean to somebody while not the correct technical data. during this video square measure a number of the queries you will be asked at an employment interview, as well as many technical inquiries to get you started.

Why star delta starter is most popular with induction motor?

Ans. Star delta starter is most popular with induction motor thanks to the following reasons: beginning current is reduced three-four times of the DC thanks to that voltage drops and thence it causes fewer losses. Star delta starter circuit comes in circuit 1st throughout the beginning of motor, that reduces voltage three times, that's why current conjointly reduces up to three times and thence less motor burning is caused. additionally, the beginning force is exaggerated and it prevents the injury of the motor winding.

State the distinction between generator and alternator?

Ans. Generator and generator square measure 2 devices, that converts energy into voltage. each has an equivalent principle of magnetic attraction induction, the sole distinction is that their construction. Generator persists stationary field and rotating conductor that rolls on the coil with slip rings and brushes riding against one another, thence it converts the iatrogenic electromotive force into dc current for external load whereas associate generator includes a stationary coil and rotating field for top voltages except for low voltage output rotating coil and stationary field is employed.

Why AC systems square measure most popular over DC systems?

thanks to following reasons, AC systems square measure most popular over DC systems: a. it's straightforward to keep up and alter the voltage of AC electricity for transmission and distribution. b. Plant value for AC transmission (circuit breakers, transformers etc) is far below the equivalent DC transmission. c. From power stations, AC is made therefore it's higher to use AC then DC rather than changing it. d. once an oversized fault happens in a very network, it's easier to interrupt in the associate AC system, because the undulation current can naturally tend to zero at some purpose creating the present easier to interrupt.

however are you able to relate power engineering with electrical engineering?

Power engineering may be a subdivision of technology. It deals with the generation, transmission, and distribution of energy in electrical tape. style of all power equipment conjointly comes below power engineering. Power engineers may go on the look and maintenance of the ability grid i.e. referred to as on grid systems and that they may work on off-grid systems that don't seem to be connected to the system.

What square measure the varied quite cables used for transmission?

Cables, that square measure used for transmittal power, will be classified in 3 forms: low-voltage cables, which may transmit voltage up to one thousand volts. high-potential cables will transmit voltage up to 23000 volts. Super tension cables will transmit voltage sixty-six kilovolts to 132 kilovolts.

Why back electromotive force used for a dc motor?

Highlight its significance. The iatrogenic electromotive force developed once the rotating conductors of the coil between the poles of a magnet, in a very DC motor, cut the magnetic flux, opposes the present flowing through the conductor, once the coil rotates, is termed back electromotive force. Its worth depends upon the speed of rotation of the coil conductors. In the beginning, the worth of back electromotive force is zero.

what's add associate induction motor?

The slip will be outlined because of the distinction between the flux speed (Ns) and therefore the rotor speed (N). The speed of the rotor of the associate induction motor is often but its synchronous speed. it's sometimes expressed as a proportion of synchronous speed (Ns) and pictured by the image "S".

justify the appliance of storage batteries?

Storage batteries square measure used for varied functions, a number of the applications square measure mentioned below: For the operation of protection devices and for emergency lighting at generating stations and substations. For beginning, ignition, and lighting of cars, aircraft etc. For lighting on steam and diesel railways trains. As a provide power supply in work, laboratories, and broadcasting stations. For emergency lighting at hospitals, banks, rural areas wherever electricity provides don't seem to be potential.

justify the benefits of storage batteries?

Few benefits of storage batteries square measure mentioned below: the best sort of storing energy portable. hold on energy is on the market right away as a result of there's no lag of your time for delivering the hold on energy. Reliable supply for a provider of energy. The energy will be drawn at a reasonably constant rate.

What square measures the various strategies for the beginning of a synchronous motor?

Starting methods: electric motor will be started by the subsequent 2 methods: By suggests that of associate auxiliary motor: The rotor of an electric motor is turned by an auxiliary motor. Then rotor poles square measure excited thanks to that the rotor field is barred with the stator-revolving field and continuous rotation is obtained. By providing damper winding: Here, bar conductors square measure embedded within the outer bound of the rotor poles and square measure short-circuited with the short-circuiting rings at either side. The machine is started as a coop induction motor 1st. once it picks up speed, excitation is given to the rotor and therefore the rotor starts rotating incessantly because the rotor field is barred with mechanical device revolving field. Thanks for observation of this video. additional concerning you learn to technology cross-check my videos Ohm's law, and Kirchhoff's circuit laws.

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