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Why Engineers in India are jobless

Why Engineers in India are jobless

[caption id="attachment_1138" align="alignnone" width="540"]Why Engineers in India are jobless Why Engineers in India are jobless[/caption]

There are mainly 4 kinds of engineers you'll find in India.

  • The person's who spent their entire engineering studying reading material and got the hang of everything whatever College showed them yet never endeavored to pick up anything outside of school.. they have great CGPA and their ideas are also great yet within the prospectus of college.

  • Less interested in college information yet constantly anxious to discover some new information which isn't educated in school.. have not too bad CGPA (reading before multi-day of the test) and knows precisely what he/she is great at.

  • Normal at studies and would prefer not to master anything new. Also aware of where they remain among others.

  • They have a level of engineering.. as a matter of fact, are not engineers.. great at nothing!! Furthermore, still, they think they ought to get more.. obliviousness is not a joy.

Reasons for Why Engineers in India are jobless

[caption id="attachment_1139" align="alignnone" width="540"]Why Engineers in India are jobless Why Engineers in India are jobless[/caption]


High expectations - Because of good ideas and parcel of hard work during engineering years, they feel that they merit better then what they're getting. So they choose higher examinations or indulge themselves in tests like CAT/GATE/GRE.

Presently some of them bomb wretchedly in these tests yet somehow they continue to squander their years in this and in the end remain unemployed for a considerable length of time even in the wake of graduating with great scholastics

Lack of confidence - just in the event that they're somewhat sure about themselves they'll do ponders.

- Some of them need work severely and are truly met all requirements for the activity yet fortunes doesn't work to support them.. else they'd have been finest workers of any organization

The individuals who are utilized within this kind of engineers end up the finest engineers of their organization.


  • These sort of engineers are normally less in numbers however they realize preparing for focused tests isn't some tea and they select employments

  • To be straightforward these sort of engineers are never unemployed.. never!!

  • They may find a low paying line of work sometimes yet with thier nature of learning new things they do great in occupation and in the end gains superior to any other person.


  • Somewhere inside they're not kidding about their future yet aren't ready to adapt up to challenge.

  • A large portion of the unemployed engineers has a place with this class.. the essential reasons for not being utilized are

  1. Were constantly normal at studies.. need many ideas and never considered investigations important.

  2. Squandered their valuable time after "me kuch bada karna chahta hu (I need to accomplish something significant)" thought and wound up doing nothing.

  3. The absence of discipline - are great at something yet won't almost certainly exceed expectations themselves in that field in light of the fact that on being careless.

  • Some of them do land positions and are happy with it since they comprehend what they have is the thing that they merit and are content with their life which is a great thing about them.

  • The individuals who land position buckles down their and lives not too bad life ahead.


  • The one's a direct result of whom the engineering certificate lost it's an appeal.

  • These sort of engineers are most extreme in numbers.

  • They are

  1. Unpredictable at everything.

  2. Try not to care at all about prospectus, school, and studies.

  3. Needs to have a ton of fun constantly and furthermore squanders others time as well.

  4. Not sufficiently genuine about existence but rather goes about as though they're more stressed than every other person.

Presently I don't feel the one's doing engineering needs direction in light of the fact that at this age they all develop about many different things so that ought not to be the reason.

I concur at some point in life everybody needs direction and we can find many individuals around us who can manage us.

There are constantly certain special cases about the ones who don't have a place with any of these sorts however I think they're doing something great with their life.

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