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Air Pollution

Air Pollution

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The earth is the only object known in the entire universe capable of supporting life. This supporting of life is mainly due to the presence of its unique atmosphere. Today there is overwhelming evidence that various pollutants do and will continue to affect life on this planet adversely; In the wake of industrialization, consequent urbanization and ever-increasing population, the basic amenities of life, viz., air, water, and land are being polluted continuously. Industrial complexes have become the foci of environmental pollution.

”Air is the most essential requirement for life” and it can be. gauged by the fact that man can hardly survive for 5 minutes without air; however, he can survive for 5 days without water and for 5 weeks without food. It has become increasingly evident that air pollution is affecting the vegetation and non-living things like metals, marbles, woods, paint, papers, etc., to the same extent as it is affecting human and animal lives.

Air pollution causes

The imbalance in quality fo air so as to cause adverse effects on the living organisms existing on earth.

Air pollution can also be described as

”Substances introduced into the air by the activity of mankind in such concentrations sufficient to cause serious effects on his health, vegetables, property or interference with the enjoyment of his property.”

Commonly air constitutes 80% of man’ 5 daily intakes by weight. We breath 22,000 times a day inhaling 16 kg of air. It is, therefore, essential that we know enough about the air around us and the means to keep it clean.

India’ main problem of air pollution arises from the fact that 80% of its industrial production is concentrated in some large industrial centers. This has created severe environmental pollution problems in isolated pockets.

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