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Settling Principle And Purpose


Hello Friend Today  We Are Discuss About Settling Principle And Purpose.  Settling  is an Important topic in civil engineering

The solid-liquid separation process in which a suspension is separated into two phases:

  1. Clarified supernatant leaving the top of the sedimentation tank (overflow).

  2. Concentrated sludge leaving the bottom of the sedimentation tank (underflow).

purpose of Settling

  1.  To remove the coarse dispersed phase.

  2.   To remove coagulated and Hocculated impurities.

  3. To remove precipitated impurities after chemical ' treatment.

  4. To settle the sludge (biomass) after activated sludge process/tricking filters

Principle of Settling

  1. Suspended solids present in water having a specific gravity greater than that of water tend to settle down by gravity as soon as turbulence is retarded by offering storage.

  2. Basin in Which the flow is retarded is called the settling tank.

  3. The theoretical average time that the water is retained within the subsidence tank is asked the detention period.