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Traffic Signals In India

Traffic Signals In India

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Traffic Signals In India Is an Importance Topic. Most Of The people do not understand traffic signals.  At intersections where there are a large number of crossing and right-tum traffic, there is a possibility of several accidents as there cannot be orderly movement. 0n crossroads With two-lane two-way traffic, there are 16 crossing conflicts as illustrated.

The problem of such conflicts at the intersections gains more significance as the traffic volume increases. In such situations, the earlier practice has been to control the traffic with the help of traffic police who stops the vehicles on one of the roads alternately and allows the traffic stream of the other road to cross or take a right turn. Thus the crossing streams of traffic flow are separated by ‘time-segregation. In bigger cities, a large number of police personnel are required simultaneously to control the traffic during peak hours at most of the junctions with heavy traffic flow. Therefore traffic signals are made use of to perform this function of traffic control at road intersections.

Traffic signals are automatic traffic control devices which could alternately direct the traffic to stop and proceed at intersections using red and green traffic light signals as per the predetermined time settings.

Importance Of Traffic Signals

(i) draw the attention of the road users

(ii) enable them to understand the meaning of the light signal

(iii) provide sufficient time to respond and

(iv) ensure minimum waste of time.

The decision to install an automatic traffic control signal must be based on careful analysis of the existing traffic data and on sound engineering judgment. The major emphasis in the criteria for signal control is the volume of traffic entering the Intersection and its crossing movements.

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