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Difference Between Resistance and Impedance

Difference Between Resistance and Impedance

What the difference between resistance and impedance


Impedance comprises of two things: reactance and resistance, making the resistance a subset of impedance. Impedance is a progressively broad term for resistance that additionally incorporates reactance. Impedance and reactance are both given in units of 'ohms' simply like resistance.


Resistance is an idea utilized for DC (coordinate flows) while impedance is the AC (exchanging current) identical. Resistance is the restriction of an enduring electric flow. Unadulterated resistance does not change with recurrence, and normally the main time just resistance is considered is with DC (coordinate flow - not evolving) power.

Resistance Vs Impedance

  • Resistance is the restriction of the electrical flow stream.

  • Resistance happens in AC and DC circuits.

  • Notwithstanding Resistance, AC circuits additionally show Reactance.

  • Reactance is likewise the restriction to the electrical flow stream.

  • By its very nature, a DC circuit won't display any type of Reactance, along these lines restriction the o the current stream will dependably be estimated in Resistance.

  • Reactance exists in two structures, Capacitive and Inductive.

  • The blends of Reactance and Resistance is called Impedance

  • Impedance can hence be thought of as the resistance of the electrical flow stream in an AC circuit.

  • Because of the idea of AC circuits Reactance is constantly present

  • Any estimation of the restriction of the current stream in an AC circuit will dependably be estimated in Impedance.

  • Impedance and Resistance are both estimated in Ohms and are exchangeable in numerous electrical recipes by and by i.e, Ohms Law.

  • As an oversimplified general view, Impedance can be thought of as Resistance in an AC circuit.