Penetration Test Tutorial

Penetration Test  Tutorial

The penetration test a look at determines the hardness or softness of hydrocarbon by measure the depth m tenths of an mm to that a regular loaded needle can penetrate vertically m 5 seconds. Sample eighteen maintained at a temperature of 25°C " The idea of a penetration take a look at is shown IN Fig one Indian normal institution has standardized the instrumentation and test procedure.

Penetration Test Diagram

Penetration Test Tutorial

Penetration Test Procedure

  1. The bitumen lS softened to a poor rm g consistency stirred thoroughly and poured into containers to a depth of at least 15 mm in excess of the expected penetration.
  2. The sample containers are then placed in a temperature-controlled water bath at a temperature of 25 degrees C for one hour.
  3. The sample with the container is taken out and the needle is arranged to make contact with the surface of the sample.
  4. The dial is set .to zero or the initial reading is taken and the needle is released for 5 seconds.
  5. The final reading is taken on a dial gauge.
  6. [Note Atheist 3 penetration tests are made on this. sample by testing at distances of at least 10 mm apart. ]
  7. After each test, the needle is disengaged and wiped with benzene and dried.
  8. The depth of penetration is reported in One-tenth millimeter units.

(Note: The mean value of three measurements is reported as a penetration value. )