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BPSC Prelims Result out - Check Here

BPSC Prelims Result out - Check Here Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) may declare the result of the BPSC 64th PCS Prelims Exam on its official site, bpsc.bih.nic. BPSC just discharged the Bihar Civil PCS Prelims Answer Key in December, on the official site. Hopefuls who had shown up in the BPSC test can check their result, once discharged, on the official site of BPSC BPSC Civil Services Prelims: Steps to check result Go to the official site of BPSC - On Home Page, you will get the 64th BPSC Prelims Result in the most recent updates to date savvy Another window will open appearing on occasions Enter the required qualifications and tap on submit catch Hopefuls can download and take a printout of the result for sometime later BPSC Civil Service Main Exam Admit Card  Bihar Civil Service Main Exam concede card is relied upon to discharge in the long stretch of February or March. BPSC Prelims Result 2018: 5 lakh hopefuls showed up for a test BP

Hydroelectric Power - Definition, Dam, Construction, Operation, Advantage

Hydroelectric Power - Definition, Dam, Construction, Operation, Advantage Hydroelectric Power Definition Hydroelectricity is the term alluding to electricity created by hydropower; the generation of electrical power using the gravitational power of falling or streaming water. In 2015 hydropower created 16.6% of the universe all out electricity and 70% of all inexhaustible electricity, and is required to increment about 3.1% every year for the following 25 years.  Hydropower is delivered in 150 nations, with the Asia-Pacific district creating 33 percent of worldwide hydropower in 2013. China is the biggest hydroelectricity maker, with 920 TWh of creation in 2013, speaking to 16.9 percent of local electricity use. The expense of hydroelectricity is moderately low, making it a focused wellspring of sustainable electricity. The hydro station expends no water, dissimilar to coal or gas plants. The normal expense of electricity from a hydro station bigger than 10 megawatts is 3 to 5 U.S. pen

Superposition Theorem

Superposition Theorem  The superposition theorem depends on the idea of linearity between the reaction and excitation of an electrical circuit. It expresses that the reaction in a specific branch of a direct circuit when different free sources are acting in the meantime is equal to the entirety of the reactions because of every autonomous source acting at once.  In this strategy, we will consider just a single autonomous source at any given moment. In this way, we need to wipe out the staying free sources from the circuit. We can take out the voltage sources by shorting their two terminals and also, the present sources by opening their two terminals.  Statement of Superposition Theorem The Superposition Theorem states that for any linear system, the response (output) caused by any combination of input signals is the same as the sum of the individual responses caused by each input signal acting alone. In mathematical terms, the Superposition Theorem states that for a linear system with

Hard Disk Definition, Function, Work

Hard Disk Definition, Function, Work The 1950s saw the development of hard drives. They first appeared as huge discs with a 20-inch circumference that could only store a few megabytes. Initially known as "fixed discs" or "Winchesters" (a code name used for a popular IBM product). To distinguish them from "floppy discs," they later adopted the name "hard discs." Instead of the flexible plastic film seen in tapes and floppies, the magnetic media is stored on a hard platter in hard discs. Definition of Hard disk A fixed disc or hard drive are other names for a hard disc. It is said to be a data-storing rigid magnetic disc. It can be found inside a drive unit. A hard disc is a non-volatile storage device that has magnetic discs and platters that spin quickly. Non-volatile data is data that survives the shutdown of the computer. Internally, our computer systems have it installed. The hard disc, which is made up of one or more platters packed in an air

Why Android phones are better off without a Dynamic Island of their own

Why Android phones are better off without a Dynamic Island of their own The pill-shaped cut-out that Apple has incorporated in its new iPhone 14 Pro series is more recognizable than the 48-megapixel main camera or the A16 chipset. The Dynamic Island feature, which has been making the rounds in the tech community for weeks, appears to have the potential to 'inspire' Android phone manufacturers to implement their own notch-based indicator + multitasking feature. But is that actually required? Both Xiaomi and Realme, two well-known smartphone manufacturers that primarily target the entry-level and mid-range markets, may be thinking of integrating a variation of Apple's Dynamic Island on their own devices. A Realme blog post urges readers to "Can you picture what if Realme UI incorporated a software technique to turn the camera cutout into a multifunctional feature?" implying the feature is possibly in the works. In the meantime, Xiaomi President Lu Weibing reportedly

Ltspice transformer

Ltspice transformer LTspice is an amazing SPICE reproduction device with an incorporated schematic catch. In contrast to numerous other free test systems, LTSpice is a broadly useful apparatus and not constrained. LTspice incorporates models for a large portion of Linear Technology's switch-mode DC/DC converters just as a library of gadgets for general simple circuit reenactment including operation amps, comparators, direct controllers, and discrete. In the event that you wish to think about the conduct of transformers and inductors, and investigate their secrets, maybe, at that point, LTspice is the perfect learning apparatus for this reason. LTspice will loyally demonstrate both perfect and genuine attractive gadgets, however, and  I would alert you, when initially exploring different avenues regarding something you don't completely comprehend, to make sure to incorporate sensibly practical parasitic protections (both arrangement and parallel) straightforwardly into every ind

RS Aggarwal Aptitude Book PDF Free Download

RS Aggarwal Aptitude Book PDF Free Download RS Agarwal Aptitude Book PDF Free Download: Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Aggarwal is a standout amongst the most inclining books among the hopefuls getting ready for Bank PO, PO, MBA, RBI, IBPS, CAT, SSC, IAS, PSC, Hotel Management, Railway Recruitment Exams and other aggressive and placement tests. This book is suggested by different specialists in this field. This book covers relatively every theme which is being requested for the focused exams. On the off chance that you are looking to Download RS Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude PDF's most recent version with the expectation of complimentary then you appear to be at the correct place.    Download PDF  RS Agarwal Aptitude Book PDF Free Download This book covers Problems on Surds and Indices, Simplification, Numbers and Ages, Pipes and Cisterns, Boats and Streams, Problems on Trains, Simple and Compound Interests, Time and Work, Permutations and Combination, Clocks, Odd Man Out, Heights