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Coil Ignition System

Coil Ignition System It is also known as a battery ignition system. As shown in fig. battery ignition system a four-cylinder engine consists of the following essential components : (a) Battery (b) Ammeter (c) Ignition switch (d) Induction coil (e) Contact breaker (f) Condenser (g) Distributor (h) Spark plug Coil Ignition System Diagram The battery ignition system is divided into two circuits i.e. primary and secondary circuits. The primary course starts at the battery and passes through the ammeter, ignition switch, primary winding, and contact breaker points to the ground. One end of the condenser is connected to the contact breaker and the other end is grounded. The ground is usually the engine itself. The secondary circuit is not electrically connected to the primary ignition circuit. It starts from the ground (usually the engine) and passes through the secondary winding, ' distributor, and spark plug to the ground. When the ignition switch is on, the current will flow through t

Septic Tank

Septic Tank  In normal areas and in the case of isolated buildings and institutions, hotels, hospitals schools, and small residential colonies, an underground sewerage system with provision for complete treatment of sewage may be neither feasible nor economical even though water supply facilities exist. In such cases, septic tanks and subsurface disposal of effluent are provided. The septic tank  should be located as far as possible away from buildings. It should not be located in swampy areas or areas prone to flooding. Where there are 15 clayey or nonporous soil or where houses are closely built suitably designed loading pits may have to be used a septic tank  cannot be avoided. Where the soil IS heavily porous the septic tank is effective. The septic tank  15 is a water-tight, single-storeyed, underground tank 111 in which sewage is retained for a long period. Here sedimentation and sludge digestion take place simultaneously. The Septic  tank is generally rectangular in shape with

CAPITAL BUDGETING - Definition, Types, Process, Techniques, Example, Limitations

CAPITAL BUDGETING One of the important decisions to be taken by a financial manager is: How should limited resources of the firm be allocated to get maximum values for the firm? This refers to investment decisions that deal with the investment of a firm's resources in fixed assets and current assets or capital budgeting decisions and working capital management. Capital budgeting is mainly a decision-making process for investment in assets that have long-term implications, affect the future growth and the profitability of the firm, and the basic composition and assets mix of the firm. In effect, it comprises the following:    Measuring the benefit and costs associated with each alternative option of incremental cash flows.  Evaluating different t proposals in the light of the different maximizing returns expected by the investors of the firm and the return promised by the proposal.  Applying different techniques to select an alternative with the objective of the value of the firm. 

How To play Songs On YouTube In Background

How To Play Songs On YouTube In Background  Friend Today We discuss How To Play Songs On YouTube In Background On the phone.  YouTube is that one companion who remains close by constantly. At work. Also, at home. Whenever pitiful, you presumably swing to YouTube for those tragic songs, and you turn on the gathering recordings when there is an opportunity to celebrate. In any case, using YouTube on a cell phone is as yet an issue. Indeed, even as millions of individuals, these days utilize YouTube for listening to music nearly on an everyday schedule, YouTube continues to drive video on individuals, and on versatile the YouTube works if only you are likewise watching the video.  In the event that you simply need to tune in to music on YouTube using a phone, you can't do that. YouTube in 2015 propelled YouTube Red, now called YouTube Premium, a paid subscription by YouTube that enables you to play recordings in the background. In any case, at that point,t this is the paid version of