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Natural gas

Natural gas is accessible from the oil wells or in a relationship with raw petroleum, yet the greater part of yield originate from related sources.

Restrictive natural gas save have been situated in Tripura, Rajasthan and nearly in all the seaward oil field of Cambay in Gujarat, Bombay high, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa. 


Being lighter overlies the curl pool and is first extricated at time of boring of the oil well. In the power deficient nation like India, natural gs valuable blessing. It can be utilized both as a source of vitality and furthermore as mechanical crude material in the petrochemical industry. It requires less investment to manufacture control plant in light of natural gas. 


Natural gas is burnable and simple to deal with. It is additionally less expensive than oil and diesel. Packed natural gas (CNG) is utilized for running engine vehicle and creating manure, petrochemical, and power. Natural gas is making a huge. Commitment in the household segment method for LPG. LPG has turned out to be famous in urban areas as local fuel. the aggregate generation of natural gas has expanded from around 17 million cubic meters in 1961 to around 200 million cubic meters in 1981 and around 28000 million cubic meters in 2001. Passing by the present rate utilization, the save of natural gas may keep going for about an additional 40 years.