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Canara Bank Minimum Balance

Canara Bank Minimum Balance

Canara Bank is a Government run Bank. It is known for its great client administration. We have officially composed an article about the missed call balance request administration kept running by this bank. In this article, we have brought before you a news refresh with respect to the bank.

Canara Bank has changed its minimum record balance criteria. Minimum balance is the most reduced measure of cash that a Bank client should dependably have in his her record. In the event that a record goes underneath this point of confinement for in excess of a specific measure of time, it will welcome a minimum balance punishment

As per the modified sums, if there should arise an occurrence of provincial region Canara Bank accounts, the minimum record balance (month to month) is 500 Rupees. On account of different territories, the sum is 1000 Rupees

Canara Bank Savings Account Interest Rate

The intrigue is 4% p.a.

Intrigue is determined on the day by day balance kept up in the record and paid half-yearly, every February and August.

This is pertinent to a wide range of Canara Bank Savings Accounts.

How to open Canara Bank Savings Account?

Any occupant Indian can get to the official Canara Bank site.

  • Submit individual subtleties for opening another investment account and pick a branch with which you might want to work.
  • There is an office of transferring filtered duplicates of the reports required.
  • A URN (Unique reference number) will be sent through SMS.
  • You will be required to approve your portable number and email.
  • Remove a print from the application structure, or you can ask for the bank authorities to do this.
  • Visit the branch with the first reports.
  • Store the base equalization measure of Rs. 1000.

Your record will be opened and you will be furnished with an appreciated unit with every one of the subtleties of the bank and the record typically required.

Documents required

  • ID and address verification (Passport, Voter's ID, Driving License, Aadhar card, NREGA card, PAN card)
  • 2 international ID measure photos
  • Example Signature Card
  • Duplicate of PAN Card/Form 60 or 61 (if client does not have PAN Card)
  • Some other related reports pertinent to Students, Minor, HUF, Trusts, Association and so forth.

Canara Bank Savings Account Charges

  • Inability to keep up least parity - level charge of Rs.30/ - every month (to be gathered once in a month on last working day)
  • For out of commission accounts above least parity, no charge is appropriate.
  • For out of commission accounts beneath least parity, Rs. 150 or accessible equalization, whichever is lower, is charged per quarter. For senior natives, fundamental, little, and NSIGSE bank accounts, the above charges are deferred.
  • Plastic substitution charge is Rs. 50.
  • For record conclusion before 1 year, Rs. 200 is collected per account. No charges pertinent whenever shut inside 14 days of opening.

Types Of Canara Bank Savings Account

  1. Canara Bank Basic Savings Deposit Account

  • This item is intended to empower the normal man to get to fundamental financial offices.
  • An individual opening an essential investment account can't have any employable record with the branch/bank.
  • The record can be opened in the person's name, mutually, or by a watchman if there should be an occurrence of a minor.
  • The parity ought not surpass Rs. 50,000. Total of all credit exchanges in a year ought not surpass Rs. 1 lakh.


  • No base equalization required.
  • ATM/Debit card will be issued subject to a limit of 4 withdrawals for each month, after which an administration charge of Rs. 5 is appropriate.
  • Offices of Internet and portable banking.
  • Any credit through online supports exchange will be free.
  • Store of money and store/gathering of checks drawn by Central/State Government will be free.
  • No charge is imposed on broken records or on initiation of out of commission accounts.

2. Canara Bank Small Savings Bank Deposit Account

  • A little investment funds bank store account is intended for individuals who can't deliver the KYC (Know your client) archives required. Just the name, identification photograph and mark or thumb impression is required. The highlights are equivalent to a fundamental investment account aside from a couple of limitations.
  • Absolute withdrawals and moves in a month ought not surpass Rs 10,000/.
  • Remote settlements can be credited just if the client produces official legitimate records to completely set up his/her character.
  • The record will be operational just for a year. In the event that the record holder gives proof of use to any authority substantial archive, at that point the record can be stretched out by an additional a year.

3. Canara NSIGSE Savings Bank Deposit Account

  • This item is given under the orders of the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India. It is intended to decrease school dropouts and advance the enrolment of young ladies having a place with SC/ST people group in Secondary schools.
  • SC/ST young ladies who have passed class 8, or any young lady who passes Class 8 examination from Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas and selects for Class 9 out of a State/Union Territory Government, Government-supported or neighborhood body school are qualified.
  • Withdrawals can be made just with withdrawal slips.
  • No base parity is required.
  • There is no limitation dependent on salary criteria for this give.
  • This plan does not have any significant bearing to wedded young ladies, young ladies concentrating in private unaided organizations, schools kept running by the Central Government.

4. Canara Junior Savings Account

Minors over the age of 10 can open this record with an assertion from guardians/watchmen and work it exclusively.


  • Customized check card with point of confinement on withdrawals to Rs. 5,000 every month.
  • Point of confinement on absolute charge exchanges to Rs. 10,000 every month.
  • All out credit ought not surpass Rs. 1 lakh for each annum. Record ought to dependably be in credit.
  • SMS ready sent to versatile number as gave.
  • The record will proceed without limitation on accomplishing greater part.
  • Appealing instructive advance plans for understudies.

5. Canara Jeevandhara - Savings represent senior natives

  • This record is for senior natives who have achieved the age of 60 years or more, relevant to occupant Indians as it were.
  • There is no base parity required.
  • The ATM withdrawal limit is Rs. 25,000 every day.
  • SMS cautions, Net banking and portable financial office
  • Medical coverage and Accident protection strategies accessible
  • Credit office
  • Help with composing a will and executant administration is given at an ostensible charge in full certainty.

6. Canara SB Power Plus

  • This record is intended for chief clients.
  • Least Rs. 1 lakh normal quarterly parity is required.
  • Customized Platinum plastic.
  • Free Visa for first year.
  • Individual mishap protection.
  • SMS alarms, Net banking and portable banking.
  • Auto range and locker office.
  • Demat tasks.
  • DD charges are completely postponed and up to 300 check leaves free for every annum.

7. Canara Payroll Package Saving Bank Account

  • This record empowers businesses to pay representatives rapidly through bank exchange and stays away from pointless administrative work.
  • Businesses must keep up a normal month to month equalization of Rs. 1,000 from the succeeding month of opening the record. A fine of Rs. 100 is relevant if not kept up.
  • Firms/corporates ought to have a remaining of 1 year with no less than 25 representatives.


  • Platinum plastic with photograph is issued with a withdrawal farthest point of Rs. 50,000.
  • Mastercard issued for nothing out of pocket for the main year.
  • 2 DDs free for each month and 200 check leaves free for every annum.
  • Individual mishap protection is accessible.
  • Overdraft office.
  • half markdown on preparing expenses for credits.

8. Canara Super Savings Salary Account

  • This record is intended for firms having 25 or more representatives. On the off chance that the quantity of representatives is underneath 25, the bank may thought about it at its very own prudence.
  • The primary advantages are:
  • Zero parity account
  • Free passbook, charge card, sms alert, support exchange
  • Web and portable banking
  • Canara Mediclaim health care coverage inclusion
  • Scope in and out office
  • Selection office
  • Canara Bank offers various investment accounts intended to address distinctive issues of various individuals.

Canara Bank Savings Bank Account FAQs

  • Do I have to keep up a base equalization for the Canara Bank Savings Account?
  • Indeed, you should keep up a normal month to month equalization of Rs 1000 (appropriate for metro, urban and semi-urban branches)/Rs 500 (for country branches).
  • Is there an uncommon loan fee appropriate on Canara Bank Savings Account for senior natives?
  • There is no uncommon rate relevant for senior natives with this Savings Account.
  • What are alternate offices going with this Canara Bank Savings Account?
  • Some different offices accessible with this Savings Account incorporate a Pass Book, ATM-cum-Debit Card, moment credit of outstation checks for an incentive up to Rs 15,000, web and versatile banking, and so forth.
  • Would i be able to take an advance against the store on Canara Bank Savings Account?
  • No, it isn't allowed to take a credit against the store of this Savings Account.
  • What is the premium installment plan appropriate for Canara Bank Savings Bank Account?
  • Enthusiasm on this record is payable on a half-yearly premise, for example each February and August, on the every day balance that is kept up in the record.

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