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Expulsion type Surge Arrester

Expulsion type Surge Arrester

Hello, friend Today we are discussing Expulsion type Surge Arrester. Expulsion type Surge Arrester is an interesting Topic So let start, It is also known as expulsion protector tube, driven tube, expulsion protective gap, or line type expulsion arrester. It is commonly used on systems operating at voltages up to 33 kV. Figure 5.1 1(a) shows the essential parts of an expulsion-type lightning arrester.  The upper electrode is connected to the rod cap and the lower electrode to the earth. Figure 5. 11(b) shows the installation of an expulsion arrester on an overhead line.

Expulsion type Surge Arrester Advantage

(a) They can be easily installed. Disadvantage (a) It is not suitable for the protection of expensive equipment.

(b) This arrester cannot be mounted in enclosed equipment due to the discharge of gases during operation.

(c) It performs only a limited number of operations.