Resonant DC Power Supplies

Resonant DC Power Supplies

Today We are Discuss About Resonant DC Power Supplies.  If the variation of the dc output voltage isn't wide, resonant pulse inverters will be used. The inverter frequency, which could be the same as ' ‘ the resonant frequency, is very high and the inverter output voltage is almost sinusoidal. Due to the resonant oscillations, the transformer core is always reset and there are no dc saturation problems.

The half bridge and full bridge configurations of the resonant inverter are shown 1n fig. (a) and (b) respectively. The size of the transformer and output filter are reduced due to high inverter frequency.

Resonant DC Power Supplies Circuit

[caption id="attachment_1365" align="alignnone" width="1224"]Resonant DC Power SuppliesĀ  Resonant DC Power Supplies[/caption]

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