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What is Tender Document

What is Tender Document

Generally, a lender document consists of the following information.

What is Tender Document

General conditions of contract including a time limit.

·         Special conditions of the contract.

·         Schedule of items of work with clear specifications.

·         Layout plan or location of work.

·         Set of drawings including working drawings.

·         Detailed specifications,

·         Scheduled stores to be supplied by the owner including the rates and place of handing ever

·         Amount of scouts ones to be deposited

·         Mode of payment for the work to be done.

·         Approximate quantity of work under each item.

·         Rate of supply of power and the point of supply.

·         Location of water supply.

·         Time of completion and the progress to be made.

·         Production of income tax and sales tax clearance certificates.

·         Penalty condition for slow progress and delay in completion.

·         Designation of the arbitration authority in case of disputes.

·         Weather conditions in the area and period of operation.