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Rajasthan Patwari Paper and Answer Key

Rajasthan Patwari Paper and Answer Key

The Rajasthan Subordinate & Ministerial Staff Selection Board RSMSSB will hold the Patwari Paper 2021 on the 23rd and 24th of October at various exam centers throughout the state. According to reports, more than 15 lakh people are taking the Patwari Paper. The board has set up over 4000 examination centers across the state to administer the exam.

Patwari Exam Question Paper 2021

Paper Name

Question Paper

23 Oct shift 1Download Now
23 Oct shift 2Download Now
24 Oct shift 1Download Now
24 Oct shift 2Download Now

Unofficial Answer Key pdf files

  • 23 October Shift 1 Answer Key pdf  – Download Here
  • 23 October Shift 2 Answer Key pdf  – Download here
  • 24 October Shift 1 Answer Key pdf  – Download Here
  • 24 October Shift 2 Answer Key pdf

Unofficial Answer Key pdf f

Official Website Links

  • Official Website – Visit Here
  • Official RSMSSB Patwari Answer Key Page – to be added here

Since the examinations for all four shifts were completed at the time of writing this article, candidates can be seen looking for the Rajasthan Patwari Paper 2021 for the first shift. The online tutors must have begun preparing answer keys for the current question paper. These answer keys will be available on unofficial websites as well as on YouTube. We've linked them all so that our readers can find appropriate solutions for the Rajasthan Patwari Exam Question Paper.

Patwari Paper

The official answer key for the Rajasthan Patwari Paper will be made available once the exam has been completed at all examination centers. Participants can download the official RSMSSB Patwari Exam Answer Key from the RSMSSB website by shift and question paper code.

Registration for the Patwari Paper began in January 2020. The examination took nearly 20 months to complete. Although the exam was scheduled to be held in April 2020, the Covid19 pandemic halted the recruitment process, forcing the board to postpone the exam.

The exam has now been completed successfully. The board's next process will be the release of the answer key. The candidates will download the answer key in pdf format and compare it to their answer sheets. Answer keys are the most effective way for a candidate to self-assess his or her performance in an examination.

How to Download RSMSSB Patwari Exam Answer Key

Candidates can download the Official RSMSSB Patwari Paper Answer Key by following the steps outlined below.

  • First and foremost, go to the RSMSSB's official website.
  • Then, select the news alert.
  • Patwar – First answer key can be found on this page.
  • When you click the same link again, it will expand to reveal the download link.

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